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About Social Media

Since few years, Social Media Networks play a key role on Internet. Social networks allow businesses to easily broadcast their messages which are quickly shared. For e-commerce businesses, social networks are an additional channel to increase their sales and are becoming more and more important. Most famous and used social networks are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ et Pinterest. Inspira Digital Marketing help you to develop your social media presence and to manage your advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram


Why Social Media?

Social Media Marketing are today an inescapable part of your online communication.

  • Get closer from your audience
  • Get users feedback and suggestions
  • Take advantage of social networks viral
  • Generate Leads at a reasonable cost
  • Develop your sales
  • Improve your online reputation and organic ranking on Internet

    What to publish on social networks?

    We read 25% more slowly on a screen than in a magazine. Also, only 16% of readers on Internet actually fully read article content. The rest is limited to quickly sweep pages with our eyes. Therefore, the content that should be dedicated to social networks should be:

  • Informative
  • Content must be short and concise. Simple text messages to encourage web users to know more about your products or services

  • Unique
  • Users are flooded of publications, it is then important to be distinguished in the best possible manner to publish qualitative content which will draw user attention.

  • Personalized
  • It is now necessary to offer a tailored content which will fit with each user. Web user like to interact, create and give his feedback.

  • Different
  • Each social networks is different: its format, purpose, community, etc. For instance, we don't publish the same content on Twitter than on Facebook.


    Community Management

    Social media services
    We don't automatically advise our customers to be on Social Networks. Indeed, our goal is to make sure our clients reach their targeted market with the right tools. Therefore we establish personalized strategy for each client according to the platform used.f your goal is to get more "Likes" on Facebook or followers on Twitter, be aware that the strategy.
    community management Defining your goals is essential to set-up an efficient community management strategy. What is the message you want to spread on Facebook? What are the reasons you created a Facebook page? Just being on Facebook without any reasons is not pertinent. In order to achieve a successful strategy we need to understand your company goals. After defining your goals, we don't just only publish content. It is also important to interact with Facebook users and engage with them. It is a great way to show a positive image of your business.
    Target marketing content Whether you have a decoration shop or a service business, your target won’t be the same. It’s why it is important to define your target market to know which social medias suit you best. For example, we would easily advise a shop to be on Facebook and Pinterest, while a web agency does not really need to be on Pinterest. Defining your market will then help us to adapt a specific content that match your company values and the messages you want to communicate.

    Social Ads

    • Facebook Ads
    • Dynamics Ads
    • Remarketing
    • Other Social Ads
    Facebook Ads

    More than 700 million people connect to Facebook each day from their mobile devices. Inspira creates targeted Advertising campaigns which will be shown in the "News Feed" to reach different audiences and reach your commercial goals. By this way, uses are more keen to see your adverts and buy your products or use your services. We can also generate leads for your business at a reasonable cost.

    dynamic ads

    Thanks to Dynamic Product Ads, the famous social Facebook network offer even more visibility to your products and services. This new service  allows to reach users who already visited your website or your app but also to target them according their interests, demographics and location. Obviously, Ads promoting out-of-stock products are automatically put in stand by. Dynamics Ads are displayed on mobile devices and laptop.

    re-targeting FacebookAs Google, we can retarget users who already know your business. However rather than showing your adverts on websites, your ads are displayed on Facebook. The concept is the similar: people visits your site or interacts with your services, they’re tracked with a code we create for you, and then while they’re connecting on and scrolling Facebook feed your advertising will appear to remind them what they are missing.
    social media ads

    Twitter Ads - LinkedIn Ads - Instagram Ads

    These social networks have become very important since the past years. Whether used for people addict to news and information or those who want to connect with their professional contacts, these social networks should also be considered according to your digital strategy and your goals. We can sponsor your Twitter account and develop your number of followers or we can advertise your business to a targeted audience of professional according to their jobs, experiences, etc.

    Be Digital, Be Visible! Let's start your Social Media campaigns today!