3 ways to increase your online visibility!

First, what does Online Visibility actually mean?

It is:

# When people have a problem that needs solutions and they go on internet to do their research, your website comes up.

# When people in your industry wants to share a great resource with their clients, the resource belong to you and it's available on your website.

# When someone is ready to buy a product and wants to find a local service, your website becomes an option to choose from.

# Instead of ranking for the few keywords that someone uses when they are ready to buy, you rank for many more keywords that they could use when they are looking for a products/services.

# When people share interesting and unique content on social media, your content will be the one shared by your commnunity of followers.

Create a website!

It could look like obvious, but more than 35% of businesses have no website! A surprising stats when we know that a huge part of clients search for products or services online. If you don’t want to loose this precious part of potential new customers and let them go to your competitors, the right starting point would be to create your website. Your potential clients want to know who you are, what you are doing, where you are and how to contact you. Creating a dedicated place which explain your corporate identity will attract users attention and potentially increase your revenues. Then, after your online presence has grown why not starting a blog with useful advises or tricks, remember content is king for an optimal digital marketing strategy.

Advertise your business or services online

Paid search advertising campaigns are complementary to search engine optimization. It helps your business to gain visibility by reaching the top position on Bing and Google, to display your ads on Google website network or YouTube and even to show promote your newsletter in Gmail.

Some key figures:

  • 91.5% of people check results on the first page
  • Only 4,8% of users go on the 2nd page on Google
  • 36% of people click on the 4 first search results
  • 67.5% of people use Google daily to search a service or a product


  • AdWords advertising campaigns can be set up quickly
  • Be in the top results on Google and Bing even on very competitive keywords
  • User targeting. No point to show an ads about lipstick to men. It is hopefully possible to show your ads only to people who are interested in your services or products (Interests, age, location, gender, etc)
  • Pay as you go. You don’t pay for all your advertising impressions but just for each users who click and visit your website.
  • Control your budget. You choose how much you are willing to invest each day.
Grow your online visibility

Enhance your social reputation

As a business manager, you are aware that is hard to get a lot with small resources. If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Traditional advertising (Printing material, sponsoring…) can be very expensive but also difficult to analyze its impact.

However, with social networks, you have the possibility to create at a low cost a direct link with your clients and potential prospects.

These social networks have become a key marketing tool for small and medium businesses. In addition of smartphone expansion, this trend can be explained by the fact that up to 60% of online consumers use social networks to get informations about products or services they want to buy.

In general, small and medium businesses use social networks to reach their clients and local prospects which are one of their main target. Nevertheless, the advantages to go further in the way you use social networks represents a real marketing leverage tool:

  • Offering unique content to your target. Understand what your customers need and how to reply them is essential.
  • Broadcasting attractive promotional offers and news about your products or services.
  • Insuring your positioning on social network platforms and claiming it as a “corporate” initiative. If you don’t do it, your competitor will do.
  • Controlling your online reputation. Each day, people do online search about services or products related to your industry, ask questions, interact and give their opinions. Social networks are a way to be part of that.
  • Reaching potential customers. In addition to interact and engage with your followers, you can also expect get more new customers thanks to your dedicated content.

A commitment toward a define digital marketing strategy is even more important for companies which are investing in their development and it can generate a significant increase of your revenues. 91% of business owners claim that social networks contribute to the development of their brand awareness and 82% of them also assure that it is one way to get new customers on board.

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