How to Create SEO Friendly Title Tags for Your Website

How Create SEO Title Tag Website

Search engines analyze dozens of on-page factors to determine which keywords and positions a web page should rank for. While content is the most powerful on-page factor, the title tag is a close second. For high search rankings that drive traffic to your website, you must create SEO-friendly title tags. What Is the Title Tag? […]

9 Reasons Your Website’s Organic Search Traffic Dropped and What You Should Do About It

reason organic traffic drop

If your website’s organic search traffic has dropped, you should assess your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to determine the cause. Whether from Google, Bing or lower-tiered search engines, organic search traffic is critically important to your website’s success. It fills your website with human visitors, some of whom may purchase your products or services or […]

Dofollow vs. Nofollow Links: Comparing the 2 Types of Links and How to Use Them

difference between dofollow nofollow link

Building links is an important step in search engine optimization (SEO). For decades, search engines have used links to assess the authority and popularity of websites in their ranking algorithm. A website with 1,200 links from relevant, credible sources will likely outrank a competing website with only a few dozen low-quality links from generic, untrustworthy […]

Are PBNs a Good Way to Boost Search Engine Rankings

are pbn good way to boost ranking search engines

Website administrators are always looking for ways to boost the search engine rankings of their websites, and in search engine optimization (SEO), the rules of the game are always changing. Keyword stuffing is out. Authority content is in. There’s a brand-new ranking algorithm in town, and its name is Fred. So what about private blog networks (PBNs)? […]

Does PPC Affect SEO?

does ppc affects seo

Pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO) are the two most popular forms of search engine marketing.

4 Ways to Improve Your Google Ranking for Google’s E.A.T. Update

ways improve ranking EAT google update

If the organic traffic to your website has dropped since June 2019, the reason is likely to be a straightforward one: Google’s Expertise – Authority – Trustworthiness update, or E.A.T. With the new update, higher-quality content leads to better rankings. What makes for better quality content, is set out in the Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines published by Google. The […]

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