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SEO, What is it all about?

The growth of digital channels in our daily life has various impacts on the rise of digital media (web, mobile) in today's lifestyle has many repercussions on the techniques and processes that companies must use to reach their targets. Digital marketing thus designates the set of strategies to be implemented on digital media, in order to optimize...

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SEO: 'Fred' or the new update of the Google algorythm?

Strong variations have recently been perceived by the users and tracking tools of the Google SERPs, thus thinking about an update of the Google algorithm under the name of "Fred". Since 9 March 2017, sites have complained that their traffic is falling sharply. To explain this phenomenon, tools such as Algoroo show an unexpected increase in volatility indices in the research results in March 2017 [...]

Why should you entrust your marketing strategy to a digital agency?

Whether you are a young entrepreneur or the president of an SME, having a marketing plan is inevitable. In order to sell more, your company must be known. You may already be planning for next year and are wondering whether you should do it yourself, hire someone full-time or entrust it to a marketing agency. In this article, we will discuss with you how to deepen your reflection. Here are 5 advantages to entrust its marketing strategy to a communication agency. [...]