Display Advertising Services

Reach your customers near you

Whatever they are using a mobile or a computer, 68% of consumers search for companies in a radius of 10km maximum. Our technology insure an accurate geo-targeting. If you are looking to increase your brand awareness or to generate more revenues, communicate and interact with people next to your business to maximize your chances to convert web users into customers. (*The Google Consumer Barometer Survey 2015)

Broadcast on the best spots

We only select qualitative placements to valorize your ads content. Your advertisements will be displayed in priority at the top of landing pages, on a selection of premium partner websites such newspapers, forums, blogs, magazines, for a better impact on your customers.

An accurate and easy targeting

Our team will work with you to define your geographic business area, the demographic profile of your clients (age, gender), the time slot or days your customers interact with your services and and a selection of websites which match your customer interests.

Google Display network is the first digital network in the world. It allows you to reach up to 80% of web users. You can reach a targeted audience on million of websites. On the Display Network, we broadcast your advertising to your potential clients at the right place and time. Your ads can get over 20 million views per month.

AdWords Display Ads Benefits

Setting-up Display campaigns in addition of your campaigns on the search network can be a real value. It allows your business to increase its brand awareness on internet, to reinforce and push the performance of your digital strategy.

Display Advertising Services Bangkok

Display Features


This type of campaigns reaches approximately 82% of all internet users. 67% of those users are reached daily.The GDN is the largest display network with over 2.2+ million sites. These are very important insights that you must keep in your mind when you are thinking about starting such campaigns.

Eye-catchy Advertising

Rather than just communicating with the text ads that you see in the search results, you can do very creative ads drawing your prospects attention to your services or products. Check out below a sample of Display ads. We can do Animated or non animated ads and HTML5 banners.

Brand Awareness

Display advertising can be the best value for money if you are trying to increase your brand awareness. Your adverts can be seen by thousands of potential new customers.

Demographic and Placement targeting

To make your campaigns successful, not only we can target specific websites according to your customers interests and select the websites on which your ads will be shown, but we can also target prospects according their age, gender and location for a better return on investment.