Facebook is finally testing video cover for pages!

It should be noted that Facebook video covers are played automatically on arrival on a page. You will have to click on the play button in the center of the cover and adjust the volume on a cursor appearing on the right at the bottom of the cover.

Netflix for its series Narcos is among the privileged users to test Facebook video cover.

When is the Facebook video cover with us?

As usual and as is the case on the majority of social networks, when a functionality is under test, it is then deployed little by little on all the pages. This is a way to test and see the feedback at first and verify if the functionality is stable.

In Thailand, we will certainly have to wait a little longer to see them deployed on our respective pages.

No information has been disclosed to date.

What videos to highlight when accessing Facebook video cover?

It would be interesting to know in advance, what types of videos can be played on the Facebook cover! I think there will be restrictions like content, and as such, how will Facebook control the videos shared in cover?

If certain subjects are gone and already proscribed, it remains to know how to prohibit them from diffusion, one may be tempted to think that numbers of profiles will want to deviate on the subject. If Facebook puts in place a control before publication (which would prove tedious) it would allow a first filtering.

Cinema under the spotlights

We can imagine the Facebook video cover are dedicated to movie releases. Using this lever to broadcast movie trailers is a good way to promote new releases and attract fans.

We are therefore looking forward to learning more, and we will come back on the subject of Facebook video cover in a future post and obviously add a video cover services to our list to maximize your business visibility!

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