promote a business during holiday

For many businesses, the holiday season is the busiest time of the year. Consumers are often primed to make purchases, attracted by great deals and a buying frenzy.

The busiest times can usually be found around the Christmas period, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday drawing a huge amount of attention. However, virtually any public holiday can lead to a high volume of sales if you have a plan in place.

The following tactics can be used to capitalize on the great interest to be found around a holiday.

Start a Calendar

Holiday promotions need to be carefully planned, ensuring you maximize results in the short time you have. Waiting until the holiday has arrived will be too late, leading to a rushed marketing plan.

Instead, create a calendar that lists your target holiday periods, the type of marketing campaigns you intend to run, and the team members who will be in charge of each element. Your calendar should ensure campaigns are treated like planned product launches, with results likely to follow.

Offer Discounts and Promotions

Holiday periods are typically times when sales are already going on. Many consumers wait until holidays to make purchases, assuming there will be some great discounts to take advantage of.

It won't be the most unexpected way to market your business, but creating discounts and promotions will appeal to these consumers who are waiting for sales. You can also reach people who may have been undecided and needed some extra impetus to make a purchase.

Build Enticing Bundles

Alongside a discount, you can also gain interest by creating product bundles. This technique will work well if you sell many different products, with a number of complimentary items in similar categories.

Creating a bundle can help you make multiple sales per order, offering a discount that makes it a simple choice. It is also possible to create a seasonal bundle, using unique packaging and limited edition items to create a product that stands out.

Make Your Promotion an Event

A holiday season is the perfect time to create an event. Standard product launches can benefit from the feeling of an event, but you typically need to manufacture this emotion. Holidays, though, already have this feeling as many people are not in work and there are different events going on.

You can create your own event by holding contests and giveaways, encouraging participation from followers. Depending on your business, you could create seasonal content and hold live events via webinar or social media.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency is important for encouraging action. If you want people to buy a product, join your email list, follow your social media accounts, or anything similar, you need to get them to take immediate action. Any delay will reduce the conversion rate considerably.

The holiday season can help this process as there is a natural end date for any promotion. You don't need to manufacture any fake scarcity, with the end of the holiday naturally signaling the promotion is over.

Promote Across Multiple Channels

A coordinated approach is important for generating the most interest. Most businesses have a number of social media accounts, a blog, a YouTube channel, and often a network of promotional partners.

There is also the option of using paid ads and remarketing channels. Promoting across all these available channels will maximize results, with the chance to show your messaging to people on multiple occasions.

If your business is built around the holiday season, it is vital that you have a system to maximize results. Even if you don't have this type of business, though, you can still often find ways to make an event around a holiday.

Consumers across all industries are primed to make purchases, typically leading to increased conversion rates. Using these tactics to promote your business can position you for exceptional results that are hard to achieve during other times of the year.