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What's Google Audience?

It is simply a filter corresponding to a part of your traffic. It could be people who visited a specific page of your website, people who put a product in their cart or quite simply people who saw one page of your website which means all your traffic.We then can retarget each of these audience thanks to various approaches (dynamic remarketing, RLSA, GSP, DSK)

Why doing Remarketing?

Remarketing or re-targeting allow you to convince web users who are indecisive by reaching them after they leave your website or application. It is also a great way to highlight a product, service or a promo code to encourage conversions.Some European companies have seen their CTR increasing by 160% and leading to a 20% overall sales increase.

How to get started?

The set-up of Remarketing campaigns require first the creation of a tracking code for each of your pages. This tag will allows us collect user information such the visit frequency and to define each audience. Your audience must be mandatory wide to be exploited.

Mobile App Advertising

Target people who already know you!

Remarketing or re-targeting allows you to show your adverts to users who already visited your website or used your mobile app. For instance, when a web user leave your website without checking out, Remarketing allows to reach him right away with pertinent ads either on mobile or laptop devices. We can reach prospects according to their visit and the way they browse your services and track them until you convert them by creating a tailor-made message regarding a specific product they saw or with an attractive discount. We help you to define your audience and adapt your adverts and messages.