10 Rules for a Website that Converts and Ranks Well on Google

Having a presence on the local search of your area is important to getting your brand heard and noticed, which in turn helps drive sales and gets you one step closer to reaching that bottom line. Here, we are going to take a quick look at the things that you can do to make your website fare well on the SERPs.

1. Optimize Your Site for RankBrain

The search engine processes around 3 billion search queries on a daily basis, 15% of which are unique. This makes the total of new and ambiguous search queries close to 450 million per day. RankBrain is needed to cope with the high demand of unique searches, which is why marketers need to optimize their site for RankBrain.

2. Optimize Your "Micro Moments"

Micro moments, according to Google, are those critical touch points in the consumer’s journey that when added together can determine how their journey ends. Since mobile is going to be the key driver of all your sales efforts, optimizing for micro moments for mobile searchers is the way to go, as in, be present, useful and quick.

3. Optimize for Voice Search

According to research, Google’s Voice Search queries have risen by more than 35x since 2008. Since voice search is 4x times faster than typing, the searcher can get access to faster results.

4. Be Careful of Links

One of the main factors that Google looks at in a website is the hyperlinks that link to and from the website. Google also looks at the words that are used in those links to make out the type of content in a page. This is why businesses need to use links within their web pages as a way to emphasize their keywords.

5. Answer an Important Question

While Wikipedia was once the place to go to when one wanted quality information, Google has realized that more quality information is coming from other websites. As a business, you need to find out what questions you can answer within your niche and then create content that does just that.

6. Pay if You Must

At the end of the day, you can still just pave your way to the top of Google ranking, albeit it’s going to be a costly endeavor that will be more of a short-term solution instead of a long-term business strategy.

7. Create AMP Websites

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is Google’s open-source program which allows businesses to create super quick and stripped down versions of their website for mobile users, thereby allowing searchers to get the information they need without having to wait.

8. Easy on the JavaScript

First off, JavaScript does not work smoothly on mobile devices and secondly, excessive use of JavaScript will cause crawling issues.

9. Give Images Attributes

This not only makes your website more accessible to the visually impaired, it gives you an added chance of including keywords that are relevant to your site or business niche where Google can see them.

10. Don’t Ignore Twitter

Thanks to a deal between Twitter and Google, tweets are now indexed on SERPs. Make sure you tweet regularly, since searchers looking for a specific business or brand will now see a live timeline of their latest tweets, which also helps boost your site’s ranking on Google.

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