Guide to Optimizing Images

People often wish that there was a magic dust you could sprinkle and suddenly have the links you need for your site. Unfortunately, you can't just go get links. There is no online link store where you can go shopping and stock up.

Links are absolutely essential for your site's SEO, so you must have them for sustainable success. You typically must earn them, acquire them and ask for them.

Links are a valuable and highly coveted tool, which explains why link acquisition or link-building is such a buzzword. Link acquisition isn't always simple. If often takes strategy, effort and sweat equity. This is one reason why it is so important to maximize the power of every link earned. You do this with internal links.

Internal links are the secret sauce of link-building because they help harness the power of links in general. Internal links are like the magic fairy dust that increases the power of your acquired links. If there is any secret that makes the links you earn for your site more powerful, it is your internal links. 

Link Capital

The internal work you do on your site inherently directs traffic across the board. This means that your internal links can be utilized to maximize the power of the links you earn on your site. The most important pages on a website can sometimes be the ones that have the most trouble earning links.

These are typically product pages that tend to be self-serving, and there is no reason for others to link to them. While these pages are important to you and it is easy for you to see the value in them, others may not feel the same way.

The most difficult part of link-building is convincing site masters to direct traffic away from their site, and understandably so.

Pages that serve as linkable assets tend to have one or more characteristics. They tend to be informational or educational, such as a guide on how to do something or case studies. These pages tend to be useful, such as tools and calculators. They may also be newsworthy, entertaining or engaging. They may display current events, infographics, quizzes or interviews.


Link Flows

Most sites have pages with linkable assets and characteristics. The trick is to allow traffic to flow from the external source through the linkable asset to your conversion page.

The link value may slightly diminish in the process, but not measurably so. Besides, studies show a correlation in increased traffic and internal links, even before external links are pursued. Internal links may well be every bit as valuable as external links if they are used properly.

They can certainly increase traffic as well as conversions.

Here is an example of link flows.

Say, for instance, that your website sells dog harnesses for walking and controlling pets. So, you put in the sweat equity to garner an external link from a well-known veterinarian or dog training expert to your blog content about pet safety.

This is a fantastic, bang-up article, which is why they decided their audience would benefit from reading it. You've got some fantastic pet safety tips and lots of other stuff in there. One of the paragraphs is about using the right collar or harness for your dog. Right there is your link and it goes straight to the conversion page. This is an example of link flows.

Link building can definitely boost your website in SERPs, or it can crush you completely. If you place your links strategically, you can harness the power of internal links to increase traffic and conversions. As with anything else, it will take some work, but it is well worth it in the end.

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