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With Facebook alone having over 2 billion active users, social media has become a goldmine for businesses that want to generate more leads and connect with their target audience in a unique way. Are you a local business? A multinational company?

Inspira social media agency process ensures that you fully leverage the advantages social media offers all businesses. We will create and execute a social media marketing campaign in line with your business goals, helping you engage and expand your audience with minimal cost.


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Potential users of your products and services are right there on social media, but there’s no way they will get to know who you are, or what you do, if you do nothing to get their attention. Inspira Digital will make your brand visible on social media and promote your company image using the multimedia capabilities of social networking.


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Social media offers a great opportunity for businesses to build a database of potential customers for future conversion into real customers. With our social media management services, monitoring users’engagement with your content and generating a name/email id list of qualified leads for your email marketing campaigns becomes much easier.


Boost Your Revenues

Revenue generation is the central goal of any business, and with social media you can more easily achieve this goal.Inspira digital’s social media marketing campaigns are designed to boost your revenue through consistent and meaningful customer engagement which increases customer confidence in your products and services, as well as loyalty to your brand.

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In this digital era where the majority of people are active on social media, your business can’t afford not to be active on social media, too.

Social media allows you to connect better with your audience, get feedback and suggestions, generate leads at a reasonable cost, boost your sales, enhance your online reputation, improve your organic ranking, and do much more.

We are happy to inform you that with our Social Media Marketing agency in Bangkok, you can reap all these benefits and more from social media.

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We start by defining a content calendar, highlighting what will be used for each social media campaign in line with your  company branding. Then we develop an advertising plan and budget appropriate for each social media network you are targeting.



Having developed a suitable strategy, we launch advertising campaigns aimed at maximizing your ROI while observing best practices. We also deploy community management tactics to maximize interaction and engagement with your audience on all your social media networks.



We monitor your campaign performances, and then each month we send you a report based on that. This report usually includes data such as reach, clicks, page views and conversions, all of which help us optimize your campaigns when necessary for better results.

Why Outsource Social Media Management to Inspira Digital?

Social media marketing/management can really be an overwhelming task for the average business owner, which is not surprising when we consider the time, knowledge and commitment needed to make it successful. So it’s not surprising that many business owners opt to leave it to the experts. They realize that by outsourcing their social media management to a digital agency like ours, they can achieve far better results with little investment.

At Inspira, we use our knowledge of the ins and outs of social media management, as well as relevant technology, to get you in close contact with your audience, generate much more qualified leads for your business, and keep your customers engaged.

Outsourcing to us is such a good idea, because it allows you to give more attention to other aspects of your business, thereby increasing productivity, as well as profits.

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