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Of course, no matter how good your storyboard turns out to be, you have to convert it into an actual video before you can market/promote your business with it.

Video productionis such an important aspect of online marketing today, and Inspira Digital Agency offers professional video production services with a focus on corporate commercials and branded content.

First of all we carry out some pre-production activities, such as location scouting, casting, budget and schedule preparation, crew/production personnel hiring, and production management. And then we fully undertake the video production process, sometimes using our own state-of-the-art equipment such as camera, grip, production sound system and lighting; and sometimes hiring special equipment depending on your requirements.

We are well-known for our highly stylized atmospheric productions, and we also provide concept consulting, directing, cinematography, comprehensive post-production services, and more. Let Inspira Digital help you produce an exceptional video that will engage, entertain, inform, and convert your target audience.

Video Production Services

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Before your message and ideas can be expressed in form of a video for your target audience to view and engage with, they need to be organized and skillfully written down in a certain way to create a script. A script is just like a roadmap of your ideas - it enables you to create videos that are sequentially coherent, meaningful, and easy to follow.

Well-written scripts that give rise to fantastic videos are not easy to come by, though; writing them requires formal training and practical experience which the average person does not have. We at Inspira Digital Agency fully recognize this fact, and that is why we provide professional scriptwriting and editing services for brands that want to connect with their audience through videos.

Tell us about your video ideas today and we will help you craft/edit a powerful video script that will make those ideas come to life in just the right sequence. Our scriptwriters are not only very familiar with the technical rules of scriptwriting, but they also have a lot of hands-on experience in the field.


After your video script must have been written and/or edited, there will be one more important step to take before the actual video production begins, and that is referred to as storyboarding - the sequential planning of a video project using sketches.

Properly designed storyboards can go a long way in helping directors, cinematographers, and any other personnel involved in the video production process visualize the scenes before they are filmed, so that they will be able to detect potential issues early enough, and correct them right away before production begins.

Storyboarding requires a reasonable amount of expertise, time and effort to accomplish, but when you partner with Inspira Digital Agency, you won’t have to worry about all that. Our storyboard illustration experts are poised to create excellent storyboard illustrations as per your requirements.

Some of the different types of storyboard services we offer include thumbnail sketches, black and white storyboards, color storyboards, story reel animatics, character designing, concept panels, etc; and we make use of some of the best storyboard creation tools available in the industry to produce the best possible results.

Drone Aerial Filming

Drone footage is fast becoming an essential component of marketing and advertising videos in many industries, such as the real estate industry where brokers and agencies usually entice their prospective clients with strategically filmed videos that show, from different perspectives, realistic views of the properties they intend to sell or rent.

While drones have become much more accessible today and almost anyone can go out and buy one, not many people are licensed to use it for professional aerial filming, are aware of the laws regulating the usage of drones for aerial filming in Thailand, or have the skills required to produce decent footage with it.

With Inspira Digital Agency’s aerial filming services, you can get high quality drone footage or stills that showcase your properties, project, venue or event from the best vantage points and in a most spectacular way. We have several drone pilots who are well-trained, duly registered and licensed, thoroughly conversant with Thailand Drone Regulations, and have all what it takes to get you the dynamic aerial footage you need to move your business or project forward.

Full Post-Production Services

It is usually said that 80% of what makes videos - such as promotional videos - oustanding at the end of the day is the post-production editing. In other words, you don’t just film a video and call it a day if your aim is to make a meaningful impact on your audience; your video has to undergo post-production editing, too.

Here at Inspira Digital Agency, our post-production services are both thorough and comprehensive; we make use of professional post-production editing software to sort and organize clips, select music and sound design, color correct, and carry out any other form of editing on your video as required.

From product videos, promotional videos and viral campaigns, to event, seminar and crowd-funding videos, our post-production specialists always work hard to deliver an end product that gets the feeling and message across, while accurately reflecting your brand and unique voice. Our ultimate goal is to turn your raw footage into outstanding video clips your target audience will like to watch and even share.

Audio Recording and Voice-over Services

After you must have invested a reasonable amount of time and money into creating some professional multimedia content for your project, the next right step to take is to complement it with an audio or voiceover track of superior quality. Inspira Digital offers professional quality audio recording and voiceover services in English and Thai for a variety of projects, such as corporate presentations, corporate videos and documentaries, radio and TV commercials, e-learning courses, online training programs, audio books, etc.

Our audio recording studio is packed with the latest audio recording equipment and digital workstations. We also work with several talented voice-over artists who are native English or Thai speakers, and who can voice your message with a variety of age range/character tones; and studio sound engineers with different styles and specializations who make sure that your audio recordings come out crisp and clear.

Work with us today if what you need is a top-quality voice over recording that is in perfect sync with your multimedia presentation, and pleasant to listen to.


A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. Most people are very visually oriented - that is, they are easily moved or stimulated by what they see. And this means that with the right imagery, at the right quality, you can easily connect with your audience, sell a product, transform your brand imagery, or promote your brand.

Let Inspira Digital help you create images that tell a compelling story. With our photography services, you can rest assured that all the imagery you get will be eye-catching, consistent with your brand identity, and positively impactful on your target audience.

First of all we will assist you with selecting ideal locations and obtaining location permits when necessary; and then, using the best photography equipment available, Inspira Digital’s accomplished photographers will capture your products, projects, events, etc., in stunning and high resolution detail. But we won’t stop there. Leveraging specialized image editing software, our design specialists are also on standby to retouch or polish your images as required, so that the final product will be nothing short of perfect.


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