How to Optimize Google My Business profile

how optimize Google my Business

Google has changed the mode of operation of its search engines a couple of times over the years.

Currently, Individuals can undoubtedly discover what they’re searching for without visiting the site.

To get your business found easily in Google Maps and customary Google Search, a secure spot to begin is Google My Business.

Be that as it may, your activity does not need to stop here! Try not to make the mistake of making a Google My Business listing, including the bare minimum details, and afterward abandoning it.

You have to optimize Google My Business!

Take a couple of minutes every day for Google My Business optimization and help your business appear frequently in search.

Thus, when utilized effectively, Google My Business is an important tool that can increase your income and can prompt improved customer loyalty.

In this article, I’ve listed several methods which you could use to optimize your Google My Business page with little to no hassle at all.

Notwithstanding, before we begin, it’s paramount to realize that there are a couple of more reasons why Google My Business is an important tool to utilize.

What benefits do you get by using Google My Business?

  • Google My Business doesn’t cost a penny! Truly.
  • The photographs and videos you share on Google My Business permit your clients to take a 360-see virtual tour through your business, products or services even before they land at your store!
  • There is no obstruction between you and your prospective clients! All that is required is a click to reach you – the telephone number and site address you’ve listed are clickable.
  • Managing your online reputation and interaction with clients winds up fun with Google My Business.
  • Google My Business intently ties in Google Ads, Insights, Google+, Maps and Search which makes managing your online presence a lot simpler.

Now, since you are aware of the great advantages associated with using Google My Business, how about we jump into how to totally optimize your Google My Business page.

How to optimize Google My Business Page?

How to optimize Google my Business

1. Perfect Your Google My Business Profile

Making an ideal profile with precise, and exhaustive, information is indeed the initial step to optimizing your Google My Business page.

Your profile is the primary face of your business which individuals must come across when they scan for your business on Google.

There are a few pieces of your Google My Business profile, so we should start with the fundamental parts you need to fill out:

Name: Your business listing name should be above all else. The most secure and smartest bet is to keep it steady with what name is currently listed on your site.

Address: It is the next basic component! Stick your business address precisely on Google My Business.

Telephone number: Ideally, you need simply enough information to remove obstacles between you and your clients. On that note, remember to incorporate your telephone number.

As mentioned earlier, your client is only a tick away with the clickable telephone number and address in your Google My Business profile.

Business category: The class you pick will depict your business, and associate you to clients searching for the services you offer.

Keep in mind, your business category is one of the numerous variables that can impact your local ranking on Google. In this manner, you ought to consider your keyword strategy when including a business category.

Be explicit while picking a category. For example, if you deal with a grocery store that is situated in India, you would pick “Indian Grocery store” as your primary category instead of “Grocery store.”

Description: Google My Business permits 750 characters worth of information to be shown on your listing.

The ‘description’ segment ordinarily includes eye-catching information which mirrors the reason for the brand or business.

I’d advise you not to stuff this with keywords, yet make certain to add at least one right search term in there to mirror your business precisely, while increasing search visibility.

2. Ensure The Information You Share Is Consistent Across the Web

google my business

Regardless of whether you deal with a single local listing or hundreds, any type of irregularities in the information – especially NAP details (name, address and telephone number)- – you share on the web will negatively affect your search ranking and would go about as a hindrance to client discovery.

In this way, ensure each information you share on your Google My Business posting is consistent with what is at present listed on your website, social media or any place on the web.

That may sound simple; in any case, little contrasts can slip in easily.

Try not to give that a chance to occur! Listing accuracy is Google’s technique for choosing whether or not it can trust a local business search results, and if you are not paying attention to it, it may turn out to be quite costly.

3. Load Relevant, High-Resolution Images For Google My Business Optimization

When you’ve fused the important data in your listing, you can proceed to customize the visual part of your Google My Business page. Remember; no listing is finished without photographs!

Businesses with photographs on their listings are 2x as liable to be viewed as reputable and get 35% more clicks.

That being stated, try to transfer a profile photograph, logo, cover photo, and general photographs to give individuals a thought of what your business really resembles and what products and services they can anticipate from you.

4. Collect Reviews For Google My Business Optimization

Optimizing Google my Business

Google My Business page reviews are very important to your general marketing mix!

It’s extremely clear why you have to embrace reviews on Google Business Listing:

  • They offer more noteworthy visibility in natural and paid search results.
  • They improve trust and consumer confidence in your brand and products.

These reviews appear upfront for all to see at whatever point they play out a Google quest to search for a business, service or product on Google. Those star ratings and the online reviews make it simpler for buyers to easily compare competitors, and know whether a business can be trusted and if their products or services are good or bad.

5. Do not violate Google’s guidelines

Evade any kind of penalty-instigating offenses that could prompt permanent suspension of your Google My Business account.

Getting your account suspended can be distressing and bad for your business. Therefore, ensure that any action you take to optimize your Google My Business listing is in line with the exact Google My Business rules.

Peruse Google’s rules so you have a full comprehension of what is and what isn’t permitted to represent your business on Google My Business.

Some of the main things to keep away from are: Over the top use of keywords in your Google My Business listing. Having various Google My Business listings for the same business location. Harassing, manhandling, or utilizing untrustworthy tactics with potential or existing clients. Reviewing gatekeeping, i.e. using a third party to filter out negative reviews.

Use common sense and don’t attempt to play the system or get an extra listing and you’ll most likely remain on the correct side of Google.


Optimizing your Google My Business page is essential to improve your online visibility.

The above hints for Google My Business optimization would put you in front of your rivals and would enable you to rank high on Google search and maps.



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